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Phone Daddy One Year Warranty CoverageUpdated 16 days ago

If the device experiences malfunction or mechanical that occur under normal use conditions such as non-functioning volume buttons, camera, speaker, or microphone, it is covered by Phone Daddy’s 1-year warranty. 

[Effective after April 15, 2022, to all new online purchases.]

 Phone Daddy’s One-year warranty Coverage Details: 

  • Malfunctioning  Defects: If any hardware components, such as the display, camera, buttons, or speaker fail to function properly due to manufacturing defects, we will replace the device as necessary.
  • Software Issues: We provide support for software-related issues to ensure the proper functioning of your device. However, please note that software updates may not be covered under this warranty.
  • Support and Assistance: Our customer service team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your phone. Please contact us at [email protected]  for assistance.

The One-year warranty does not cover the following:

  • Accidental Damage: Damage resulting from accidental drops, spills, impacts, or other mishaps is not covered by the warranty. This includes cracked screens, water damage, and physical breakage.
  • Misuse or Abuse: Any damage caused by misuse, abuse, neglect, or improper handling of the phone is not covered. This includes using the device in ways not intended by the manufacturer or failing to follow recommended care instructions. Including shipping (FedEx, UPS, or USPS will handle shipping issues).
  • Unauthorized Repairs or Modifications: Any damage caused by unauthorized repairs, alterations, or modifications to the device is not covered. This includes attempts to repair the device by unauthorized service providers or DIY repairs.
  • Exposure to Extreme Conditions: Damage caused by exposure to extreme environmental conditions, such as excessive heat, cold, moisture, or humidity, is not covered. It's important to protect your device from such conditions to avoid potential damage.
  • Normal Wear and Tear: The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear that occurs with regular use of the device. This includes minor scratches, scuffs, and wear on external surfaces, as well as gradual degradation of performance over time.
  • Loss of Data: The warranty does not cover any loss of data or information stored on the device. It's recommended to regularly back up your data to prevent loss in the event of a malfunction or damage.
  • Loss or Missing Items: The warranty does not cover any loss or missing items. If the device is stolen or misplaced, this will not be covered.
  • Accessories: Accessories are not covered by the warranty. This includes items such as chargers, cables, headphones, cases, and glass screen protectors.

For information, regarding Phone Daddy Wholesale warranty visit us at Wholesale Warranty.

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