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About Us

About Phone Daddy, our background, and location.

5 articles

How to make an order? Need to request a change or cancellation?

10 articles
Wholesale Channel FAQ

Wholesale Account, Order, Inventory, Payment Method, and Return Policy.

12 articles

Payment methods, Affirm finance.

4 articles
Phone Conditions/Grading

Grading options and conditions.

9 articles

Free 2-day shipping for orders over $100. $9.99 for 2-day shipping for orders <$100.

5 articles
Set Up Your Device

How to activate your new phone.

2 articles
Phone Daddy Warranty

All about Phone Daddy's One-Year Warranty.

1 article
Return Policy/Returns

12-month warranty. 30-day money-back guarantee.

7 articles
Phone Daddy Privacy Policy

All about Phone Daddy and Terms and Conditions.

2 articles
Phone Daddy Prices and Promos

Find more about special deals and promos.

3 articles
Technical Support Inquiries

Need technical assistance? We are here to help!

8 articles
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