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Which items are returnable?Updated a month ago

Recognizing that unforeseen situations may arise necessitating a return, we've established a clear and efficient return process. Our return policy delineates which items are eligible for a wholesale return. Familiarizing yourself with our policy and 30-day warranty ensures informed decisions and smooth transactions if the need for a return arises.

 Phone Daddy’s 30 days warranty Coverage: 

  • Malfunctioning  Defects: If any hardware components, such as the display, camera, buttons, or speaker fail to function properly due to manufacturing defects, we will replace the device as necessary.
  • Software Issues: We provide support for software-related issues to ensure the proper functioning of your device. However, please note that software updates may not be covered under this warranty.

Please note that Phone Daddy will not provide a prepaid shipping label for returns due to the discounted prices offered. The customer is responsible for shipping the item(s) back to Phone Daddy at our Fulfillment Center. 

To find more information about our 30-day Warranty click here.

To find out more about Phone Daddy's Return policy click here.

Need more help? Feel free to get in touch with us here.

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