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What else does the phone come with?Updated 2 months ago

For our Pre-Owen and Refurbish products: 

Our pre-owned and refurbished items will be provided as handset only regardless of the grade condition selected. Additionally, for your convenience, multiple items in a single order may be packed together in one single box, streamlining your shipping experience.




LG                                                        onePlus

For our Brand New Condition products:

For Brand New sealed, never-opened items, this will include any accessories provided by the manufacturer. These accessories could include headphones, a user manual, a power adapter, cable, and SIM card (If it is included in the original packaging, please note that they may vary depending on the manufacturer).

DISCLAIMER: If a glass protector is added along with this item,  please note that, as the device is Brand New-sealed and has never been opened, Phone Daddy will not install the protector. It will be sent separately. 

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