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Phone Daddy Return Approval PolicyUpdated a month ago

Phone Daddy’s Return Approval policy is as follows:

  • The Serial/IMEI number of the phone being returned to Phone Daddy MUST match the item we sold to you. Phone Daddy tracks each phone order’s serial and IMEI numbers to deliver the correct product.

  • We do not entertain returns for items that are not ours and not sold by us.

  • The Find My iPhone feature must be turned off, as well as the Apple ID, and disable the Passcode for Apple phones and tablets before you send the device back.

  • Please disable the Passcode, Fingerprint ID/Face ID, and remove your Google/Samsung account for Samsung and other Android phones.

  • All devices are checked for activation lock before being sent to our customers. So, if there is an activation lock on the item, it has been linked to your account. We will check the article for the activation lock and send instructions about removing it. If you are unsuccessful in disabling the Find My iPhone/Google/Samsung Account feature, the return will not be accepted.

  • If the item is tampered with or altered when Phone Daddy receives it, the return will not be accepted, and the device will be sent back to you as is.

  • Once the return is received and validated, Phone Daddy will issue a refund, exchange replacement, or Store Credit. Refund or replacement can take up to 10 days to process, while Store Credit only takes 1-2 Business Days.

Once the return request is submitted, you will receive the return label via email within two business days. Also, if further details are required for the return, we will contact you requesting the information.

DISCLAIMER: AS-IS F devices are NOT functional phones you can activate and use like regular phones. These devices are sold AS-IS with NO WARRANTY and are NON-REFUNDABLE or EXCHANGES. 

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