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How to Remove Accounts and Data Wipe a PhoneUpdated 3 months ago

Running out of storage space? Or just want to give your phone a fresh start? Wiping its data and removing your accounts is crucial. If you’re returning or giving away your phone, you don’t want someone else to access your data. So, make sure you remove all your accounts, paired devices, and confidential data from your phone.

This video explains removing a Google and Samsung account from your Android smartphone.

If you only want to turn off the screen password, PIN, or pattern lock from your Android device, check out this step-by-step video tutorial.

If you have an Apple device, learn how to remove Apple ID in this video, we’ve explained how you can turn off Find My iPhone in this video tutorial, and if you need to data wipe your device in this video, you will learn how.

To learn how to remove or delete an eSim from an iPhone, click here. 

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