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How to activate your device?Updated 4 months ago

Activating a pre-owned device, in most cases, is as easy as inserting a SIM card into your phone. But you may need to go through your carrier’s Bring Your Own Device page or visit their physical store.

Please keep in mind that most SIM cards will work with your device if the device is unlocked. Carriers recommend getting a new SIM card or an eSim (digital SIM) when upgrading your phone for the best performance. Most Sprint devices will require a new SIM with a T-Mobile card to be activated.

You may need to refresh your device’s built-in operating system with a software upgrade for Apple or Android to allow your new device to connect to your existing network.

Below, we have listed a direct link to the major carriers Bring Your Own Device pages for activating your pre-owned device.

Please check out the tutorials on how to insert and remove a SIM card from a phone by clicking the following icons:

Disclaimer: Any additional charges or services incurred by the network carrier during activation will not be the responsibility of Phone Daddy. We recommend contacting your phone carrier for additional information.  

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