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How I Can a Place Wholesale Order?Updated 3 months ago

Here at Phone Daddy,  we offer fair and competitive prices on new and used tech, and here is the process of how to place a wholesale order:

First, make sure you create your Wholesale account.  

You can log in to your account in 2 ways:

⭐ Via Quick Order From

1. On the menu bar, select Wholesale.

2. Click on the Login Here button.

3. Enter your account information.

4. Here, you can fill out our Quick Order Form.

5. This will display the inventory; you can add the items by piece.

Selecting (Show Options) displays all the options for that model.

You can go to the cart anytime by selecting (Update Cart).

Select the Next Page to view more items.

⭐ Via Account Login

1. Select the Account logo.

2. Enter your account information.

3. Select by Brand from the Menu bar.

4. Once an item is selected, you can see the quantity and price.

  • Select the Color
  • Select the Memory
  • Select the Condition
  • Select the Quantity
  • Select Add to the Cart

⭐ Checkout Process

1. Select the Cart logo and review your items.

2. Next, Click Submit Order.

3. Please fill in the following information:

  • Shipping Notes ( Specific instructions)
  • Payment options (Select Wire, ACH, or COD)
  • Name information 
  • Company information 
  • Shipping address 
  • Billing information (If the shipping address is different) 
  • Review the information 
  • If you need to edit the order, select Return to cart
  • Select Place Order

Once the order is completed, you will receive an email with the order details.

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