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How to make an order? Need to request a change or cancellation?


Can I order over the phone?

Unfortunately, you cannot place orders over the phone. In order to make a purchase, please visit our website to place an order for your device.  If you have concerns you can call us at (469) 839-3979 for any questions or concerns.

What’s in the Box?

At Phone Daddy, we match the original manufacturers’ policy for what accessories are shipped with the phone. So for Apple phones, anything older than the iPhone 12 will come with a charging block and cable. For the iPhone 12 and anything newer, the p

Can I checkout as a guest?

All buyers must create an account to place an order. Why?. With an account, you can track the device you just ordered to make sure it's getting to you safe and sound. Received the latest News Letters and Special details!.

How to reset my account password?

Don't worry is easy to reset your password, here is how:. 1. Select the Account logo. 2. Enter the emails used to create the account. 3. Click Forgot password?. 4. Re-enter the  emails used to create the account. 5. Look for the Account password rese

Does the phone come with a sim card?

We provide a sim card tray pin eject removal tool with all our devices (But not a sim card). You must contact your carrier provider (T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, etc) and have them provide you with a sim card. If you already had one on your old phone, yo

How can I edit my order?

If you wish to edit the items and the payment is still in the process or completed, we will not be able to modify the item on the order, the order will have to be canceled and re-order the correct device. If you wish to edit the name or shipping addr

How do I cancel an order?

Customers can easily cancel their order by sending an email request to our customer support department at [email protected] You can also contact the support team via chat. Please include the Original Sales Order Number, Your Name/Account, Numbe

Where can I see my charges for an international purchase?

Yes, you can see your charges for shipping. Upon the checkout page.

Why was my order canceled?

Our team ensures the order process is as smooth as possible. There are some instances where an order gets canceled, and it is most commonly due to two reasons. The first is if the billing address provided does not match what is on file with a custome

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